Grenoble goalkeeper Brice Maubleu reacts to accidentally throwing the ball into his own net

Speaking to reporters tonight following a memorable mistake in a Ligue 2 clash with Caen, Grenoble goalkeeper Brice Maubleu sought to explain how he managed to accidentally throw the ball into his own net, resulting in the Normandy side’s second goal of the game.

“There are dark evenings and this is one of them. On the goal, I wanted to quickly set Jérôme (Mombris) away, but I saw that he was not looking at me so I revised my decision and then the ball left my hands, a bit like what happened to Mandanda one or two years ago (it was actually 8 years ago, vs Valenciennes, in 2012). This happens sometimes and people think that it can’t possibly happen to others. In the end, I play the ball thinking that all was still ok but apparently the ball had already gone in. I am disappointed because it gave our opponent a two-goal lead… I will have to quickly get back working and move on, because it will likely do the rounds on social media… The goalkeeper position is exposed and there are risks. After that, I was back in my match and made saves even though those won’t be remembered.”

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