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Jean-Philippe Mateta: “Agents get paid a lot of money for not doing a lot.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, 22-year-old French international attacker Jean-Philippe Mateta discussed why he has chosen not be represented by any agents. Napoli made multiple attempts to acquire him from Napoli in January.

“Agents call me a lot. I have a lawyer (Pierre-Henri Bovis). Frankly, I am not favourable to the idea of having an agent. I have only had one in my career. I am not interested. They are going to tell me things that I already know. They are going to speak to clubs… For me, agents earn a lot of money for nothing. If I have one, it will be someone from my entourage, like my family. Which will be the case in a short while as my sister is about to become an agent. She is studying for that.”

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