José Anigo indicted for “criminal association with a view to committing a crime”

La Provence report that ex-Marseille coach and Sporting Director and current Nottingham Forest Sporting Director José Anigo, has been indicted for “criminal association with a view to committing a crime,” but has been let free and placed under judicial surveillance.

The Marseille prosecutor’s office had requested that he be placed in prison until such time that the trial began after almost three days of police custody for Anigo.

His lawyer, Emmanuel Molina, had the following to say on the developments:

“The offense of extortion of funds as part of an organised crime gang in connection with the transfer of Isaac Lihadji cannot be pinned on him, Mr Anigo has not been indicted on this. Furthermore, the legal debate is far from over and he remains presumed innocent and the investigations and appeals which remain available will be carried out to demonstrate that this investigation is questionable both in form and substance.”

La Provence sources insist that Anigo has firmly denied providing a large sum of money to members of the organised crime gang “Capelette,” some of whom are former associates of his son, Adrien, who was shot dead in 2013.

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