Junior Sambia – Montpellier player explains how severe case of COVID-19 has affected his professional life

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport, Montpellier midfielder Junior Sambia reflected on the serious case of COVID-19 that he contracted in early summer of this year, how he has recovered and how it has since impacted his return to professional football.

After having tested positive for coronavirus and spent a few days in intensive care, do you have any after-effects?

There were at the beginning, at the start. It was not easy for me in terms of breathing and recovery. Things are much better today compared to the start of the season, I feel good. I worked a lot. My teammates all saw me during pre-season, they saw that it was difficult for me. It is something which disturbed my breathing levels. You have to work and over time it comes back. I hope it will continue [to improve], the more I play the happier I am.

How did you cope during this period?

It was a difficult time for me. It’s behind me now, it’s been several months. I am focused on my football, I want to have fun and enjoy what I love. I had a lot of messages of support, which made me very happy. I try to forget what happened and move on. You have to be very careful with COVID-19, this is no joke, you have to take care of yourself and others.

Have you come back stronger from such an ordeal? Do you think differently now?

It is true that I think differently. In terms of how I play football, personally, I don’t think I have changed. It’s true that I appreciate life more, I smile more. This is something that has left a mark on me. I try to enjoy myself as much as I can.

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