Karim Benzema defends Marseille striker Valère Germain: “He is not rubbish.”

Speaking on Instagram to a friend on a live stream, French Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema touched upon a number of subjects, including launching a staunch defence of Marseille striker Valère Germain.

“Brother, he is not rubbish. I am going to explain why you think he is rubbish. He is not rubbish, but at Marseille there is a lot of pressure, there are players who can and who cannot with pressure. He is under pressure. Why at Monaco did he play well? It is not the same, there are different levels of pressure. At Marseille he started well, but then maybe he had one or two matches and that’s when people started saying he’s finished. That is why it is hard for him. But he is not rubbish. It is not your fault (that he is under pressure), you say what you want, but he is not a catastrophe… Marseille is very high pressure. Valère, if you are watching this video, I know that you are a good player.”

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