Kurt Zouma on Mourinho: “He takes me into his office & says: “You were rubbish this weekend.””

Speaking as part of a RMC Sport documentary on José Mourinho, Kurt Zouma defended the Portuguese tactician from criticism that he does not give young players a fair chance.

“He is someone who loves victory. He uses all the tools possible to achieve it. I came here at 19 and he played me. I was able to have my chances, I played my matches. I don’t know what other people think, we all have different opinions, but from my side, I don’t really agree (with the notion that Mourinho does not give young players a chance). I cannot remember which match we were playing, we were losing 3-1, away from home. The following day, he catches up with me, he takes me to his office, and he asks me if I am ok. I said yes, he asked me if I was sure. I said yes again, he replied: “Because you were rubbish this weekend.” Like that, direct. It shocked me, but it made me want to immediately respond (on the pitch). I remember that it hurt me, that it affected me. But I really wanted to show him that I could react.”

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