Leonardo Jardim: “Recent managers of PSG & Bayern don’t have a better CV than me.”

Speaking in an interview with So Foot, ex-AS Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim described himself as the “Normal One” and staked his claim to being one of the best managers in Europe.

“What excites me is the pitch, not the media. I am not going to change personality in order for big clubs to give me a call. I am going to remain Leonardo Jardim. I am not the Special One, the Special Two or the Special Three. I am the Normal One.”

Jardim also confirmed in this interview that he had rejected an offer from Brazilian side Flamengo this summer:

“When you look at the recent managers of PSG and Bayern, they do not have a better CV than me. Flick was an assistant. There are only four or five top bracket managers, those who have won the Champions’ League and trophies in each country that they have been in. The others, they are bets. You have to have a good contact, good relationships and for the board to believe in you. It is like that, football today.”

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