LFP chief blames local authorities for postponement of Strasbourg vs PSG

Speaking to Canal Plus, CEO of French league football’s governing body, the LFP, Didier Quillot, sought to shift blame onto local authorities in Haut-Rhin region for the postponement of Strasbourg vs PSG, which was due to be played today, but will not occur owing to coronavirus concerns.

“It was the local authorities, who sent us a formal notice at around 21:25 (local time on Friday night) asking us for the match not to occur under any circumstances. The PSG players were already in Strasbourg, we couldn’t do anything. 25% of tickets bought for the match had been purchased by people from the Bas-Rhin region, where this is currently a cluster (of coronavirus cases). Local authorities did not want to take any risks towards possible contagion. The local authorities did not want a match behind closed doors, it is up to them to explain why. We do not have any idea at the moment when the match will be played. It will depend on PSG’s calendar and how the health risk evolves. Our aim and our strategy is for all the matches to be played. The league must reach its conclusion, which is the 23rd May for Ligue 1. This Strasbourg vs PSG will be played at the next available date. Us, today, we are working daily with public authorities, the Health Ministry, the Sports Ministry, the Domestic Affairs Ministry, with whom we have daily relations with. Obviously, there is no other option but to scrupulously follow the advice given by the public authorities and the government. We are going to adapt case by case, we want to avoid the Italian situation where all the matches are behind closed doors. It would be a veritable catastrophe for the spectacle. And the Swiss situation where the league is frozen until the end of March.”

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