LFP chiefs Quillot & de la Tour forced into 30% pay-cut after public leak

RMC Sport report that the governing body of French professional club football, the LFP, saw its two most prominent figures receive a nasty surprise in the last few days.

Director General Didier Quillot and President Nathalie Boy de la Tour, were forced into taking a 30% pay cut, formally claiming that they were doing so in solidarity with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 players, who have also taken cuts, during the difficult times that have fallen upon French football owing to COVID-19 disruption.

However, the outlet reports that Quillot and de la Tour’s paycuts were not voluntary, but forced, after Marie-Hélène Patry, a prominent member of the player’s union “Première Ligue” which has grown in influence and stature during these wage cut negotiations for players, leaked that a drop in the pair’s salary has been the topic of conversation during discussions with the French government.

Quillot and de la Tour were not actually aware of this and their reaction to this news coming out was not friendly, especially from Quillot, who was particularly reticent to agreeing to partake, before eventually ceding.

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