Ligue 1 to lose between €300m – €400m if season is not completed – KPMG

A study published by accounting firm KPMG estimates that Ligue 1 will lose between €300m and €400m in revenue if the 2019/20 season does not pick back up again from where it left off, as health professionals across Europe and the world continue to battle with COVID-19.

This study, published on Tuesday, sought to financially quantify the collective hit that teams are taking following the sudden suspension of league activity.

The study estimates that the majority of these losses will come from missing out on €150m to €200m in TV rights money for the matches that simply would not be broadcast, with another €100m to €140m in losses owing to partnership agreements that clubs have with brands not being fulfilled, and between €50m to €60m in losses owing to the match-going revenue that teams would miss out on.

Whilst these losses appear massive on paper, they are minimal compared to the €1.15bn to €1.25bn worth of losses that KPMG anticipates the Premier League would see in this scenario, as well as the €800m to €950m in losses that La Liga would be hit with.

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