Ligue 2 side Sochaux acquired by Chinese real estate firm Nenking

Ligue 2 side Sochaux have been formally acquired by Chinese real estate group Nenking, who had been managing the club already since the end of last season, in place of Ledus.

The announcement comes after a club general assembly meeting organised over the phone this Monday morning. In recent months, FCSM was still the property of Ledus, a member of the Chinese group Tech Pro Technology, which specialises in the lights business and who bought the club in 2015.

Nenking’s purchase of the club since last year has long expected to be a mere formality, but the acquisition was slowed by the suspension of Tech Pro Technology on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Samuel Laurent, the Executive Director General of FC Sochaux, who was installed by Nenking last July, had the following to say upon the announcement:

“This is excellent news, and proves the tenacity of Mr Zhong Naixiong (President of Nenking), his attachment to the club and his desire to get it back to where it deserves to be, by taking it up to Ligue 1 in three or four years.”

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