Lorient President Féry gives Christophe Pélissier vote of confidence

Speaking to Ouest-France, Lorient President Loïc Féry came out in support of struggling manager Christophe Pélissier.

“Nobody is happy with the current period, obviously. We do not have enough points and our position is not good. Christophe Pélissier and his staff, who are used to experiencing adversity in recent years and fight against relegation regularly, are the right guys for the situation.”

“Nobody’s head is on a plate on Sunday. I have heard, read things that the match against Nîmes, on Sunday, will be the decisive match for our manager, Christophe Pélissier. I don’t want to let that to be considered as the case, because it is false. I am going to be very clear: nobody’s future is on the line on Sunday. I have faith in the manager, his staff and the players for FCL to rapidly climb out of this period.”

“In the transfer window, there could be some little adjustments, but I am convinced that the answer is not necessarily an external one. We have talent, quality, the capacity to do well. I have complete faith in the idea that Christophe Pelissier and his staff, who are used to facing adversity.”



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