Lyon force far-right political candidate to change logo that looks similar to club crest

Salade Lyonnaise report that Ligue 1 club Lyon’s legal team has sent an email and phoned the team of Agnès Marion, a candidate for mayor of the city who belongs to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party, to change her campaign logo because it looks too much like the club crest.

Following these conversations, Le Figaro reports that Marion’s campaign has privately admitted that it took inspiration from the OL crest and will making the appropriate adjustments.

Marion has responded publicly to the embarrassing turn of events: “We will adjust. It is a setback and it is never pleasant, but we had not yet printed the posters in very large quantities, and we had not yet flooded the city with leaflets… this lion has been used in heraldry since the Middle Ages.”

Marion’s campaign logo
Lyon’s logo

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