Lyon President Aulas on Florian Maurice’s decision to join Rennes: “It hurt me a lot.”

Speaking on the decision of the club’s Head of Scouting, Florian Maurice, to leave for Rennes to become their Sporting Director, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas could not hide his shock and disappointment on the matter when speaking to Le Progrès.

“It hurt me a lot. I had him as a player, I brought him back to OL TV, I put him into the deep day-to-day at Lyon, he worked on recruitment. I raised him, I loved him and he turns his back on us on the second day of quarantine despite the fact that the fortnight before he had denied the claims. This cannot do anything but hurt. For him, I imagined PSG, Barcelona or something like that. It is Rennes. We will have to hope for him that Rennes become a very large club.”

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