Lyon President Aulas suggests abandoning all competitions apart from Ligue 1 in order to complete it

Speaking on RTL last night, Lyon President Aulas took a considerable u-turn in his proposition to annul all other competitions apart from domestic leagues so that they could be finished by 30th June, contradicting his earlier arguments last week that Ligue 1 should be annulled this year entirely and that the 2020/21 campaign should start from the same position teams were in in August of 2019. This would have enabled Lyon to still be in the Champions’ League next season, despite them currently being 7th in the league table this season and therefore not in a position to qualify.

“If we want to save Ligue 1, we must absolutely finish before 30th June! We have to make decisions, be courageous! Let’s forget about the Champions’ League, national cup finals and international matches. Concentrate only on the league.”

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