Lyon shortlisted Thiago Silva, can’t afford him – player to remain with PSG until August

L’Équipe report that Ligue 1 side Lyon have considered a free transfer move for 35-year-old Brazilian central defender Thiago Silva this summer.

OL have made the signing of an experienced central defender their summer transfer window priority, and the PSG captain’s name featured on an initial shortlist drawn up by Sporting Director Juninho and Head of Recruitment Bruno Cheyrou.

However, after making as concrete approach in O Monstro’s direction, OL have pulled out of conversations, owing to his considerable financial demands. His current salary sees him earn €1.5m a year.

RMC Sport reported yesterday that PSG had come to an agreement with Silva to extend his current contract, which expires on June 30th, by two months, so that he can compete in the final rounds of the Champions’ League.

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