Marseille announce legal action against prospective buyers

Ligue 1 side Marseille have this evening announced that the club will engage in legal proceedings against ex-Toulon Rugby Club owner Mourad Boudjellal and Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi for “unprofessional and underhanded behaviour” in their purported attempts to acquire the club.

Read the full statement below:

“Since 2016, Olympique de Marseille under Frank McCourt’s ownership, has developed a comprehensive long term strategic plan to restore OM’s ambition, reach excellence both on and off the pitch and bring stability to a new more professional organisation. For more than three weeks, Mr Ayachi Ajroudi and Mr Boudjellal have started a media campaign to destabilise the club. Olympique de Marseille, whose investigations into the subject have produced considerable evidence, intends to see the authors of this campaign sentenced for damages.”

“At no time did Mr. McCourt consider selling his stake in Olympique de Marseille SASP to Mr Ajroudi and Mr Boudjellal. Contrary to what they claimed in the media, Mr. McCourt and nobody from the McCourt organisation including OM had any contact with them or their advisors. Their unprofessional and underhanded behaviour is an attack on OM and its fan base. At a time where OM has achieved significant success in building a positive future for the club, they have decided to launch a destructive and selfish campaign built on lies and deception.”   

“No one should use Olympique de Marseille in order to boost their personal reputation, disregarding the most commonly accepted practices in business. Olympique de Marseille has decided to initiate legal action against Mr Ayachi Ajroudi and Mr Boudjellal. A summons prepared by the Malka & Associés law firm was delivered to them today by a bailiff. Now, it is time to be fully focused on the club’s first season in the Champions League in 7 years.”

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