Marseille President Eyraud on death threats: “It’s miserable & extremely cowardly.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport, Marseille President Jacques-Henri Eyraud commented on recent death threats that he has received on social media.

“These threats are always anonymous… It is really something that affects (me) when it happens, it is unfair for my family who didn’t ask for any of this and certainly not for our house to be under security surveillance. I am really perturbed by the levels of violence on social media, the surge of hatred, anonymously so, that exists on there. It is shameful and these are actions that, I hope, will be identified and pursued by the justice system. In terms of myself, I will fight, blow by blow, against people who take the liberty of making such extreme threats… I am a fighter. I spent 7 years in combat sports, when I was only doing this. I am used to very high intensity environments… I have a mission, I am continuing and there are still a lot of things to do.”

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