Mbaye Niang fined €1,500 for breaking rules to see his horse Swetty Beauty

L’Équipe report that Mbaye Niang has been fined €1,500 for disobeying current rules surrounding horse racing, which has returned in France, but occurring strictly behind closed doors, so that he was able to watch one of his stallions, “Swetty Beauty” ride to victory at a Marseille race course.

4 people accompanied him, including the President of the Regional Committee, Patrick Dreux, who have also all been fined.

Niang came on 12th May to Marseille to watch his horse, “Swetty Beauty” win. They individuals caught out pleaded their innocence, claiming that the gate had been left open and they were able to enter through penthouse restaurant the looked onto the race course, without coming across any security in the process.

The legislators viewed this version of events to be totally unrealistic. Horse racing has returned to France since 11th May, where one individual is allowed to accompany the horse, as well as the jockey. 

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