Metz want to extend Frédéric Antonetti’s contract

Coming to the end of his deal at the end of 2020/21, Ligue 1 side FC Metz are seeking to extend their General Manager, Frédéric Antonetti’s, contract.

FCM manager Bernard Serin confirmed as much in an interview with Le Républicain Lorrain:

“We have started to speak about the future. I told him what I want: to continue to work with him. We are going to discuss things calmly. We have time but also reciprocal confidence which allows us to look at things calmly in weeks and months to come.”

Antonetti was signed by the club on May 2018, but has taken an 18 month hiatus following his wife suffering from illness and subsequently passing away.

“He is today anticipated, in principle, to spend two days a week at Metz. Undoubtedly the during the middle of the week, the most important days when you are preparing for a match,” as indicated by Serin.

At the moment, there are no plans to replace Vincent Hognon with Antonetti.

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