Midfielder Kays Ruiz-Atil (17) gives PSG ultimatum

Speaking in an Instagram post, 17-year-old midfielder Kays Ruiz-Atil appeared to give his club PSG an ultimatum about his future, with the two parties having been engaged in protracted professional contract discussions for some time.

“If PSG do not want to allow me to train with the 1st team, there are other clubs. Things are not going to end at PSG. There are clubs that have made me an offer where I train with the 1st team and then I play matches for their reserves… [I] wanted to clarify the current situation. I am young and full of ambition, which I do not think is a fault… The way I have been raised brings me at certain moments to say what I think with humility, which characterises me. My priority is to give back to the club that raised me everything that it has given me in terms of the quality of my youth academy process but also my own wellbeing. I want to sign here for the long-term, but continuing to progress and enjoy myself in the future.”

RMC reported earlier this week that Les Parisiens had offered him a 5-year professional deal, with his current youth contract expiring in June 2021. However, there would be no agreement that explicitly sees PSG obligated to put Ruiz-Atil in 1st team training next season.

The teenager has recently changed representation, with Zinedine Zidane’s agent Alain Migliaccio now managing his affairs.

The player will have to make the decision to stick or twist this summer, with PSG apparently inflexible when it comes to the professional contract on the table. Chelsea have in the meantime stepped away from talks, having been encouraged by Claude Makélélé to enter into talks with the player’s entourage back towards the end of 2019.

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