Montpellier midfielder Junior Sambia is discharged from intensive care after fight against COVID-19

23-year-old Montpellier midfielder Junior Sambia has been discharged from the intensive care unit at the Arnaud-de-Villeneuve hospital at Montpellier, and will shortly be entirely discharged from hospital to return home, after beating COVID-19, according to the AFP.

Sambia contracted the virus last week and spent time in hospital from last Thursday onwards, being put into an artificial coma for his own safety.

Speaking on France Bleu last night, Montpellier President Laurent Nicollin discussed Sambia’s condition:

“I am not a doctor, it is not up to me to talk about it but he gave us a big fright last week. We were affected and pained alongside the players. He called me on Tuesday or Wednesday and it was a real pleasure to hear his voice. Now, he is feeling good, he is due to leave hospital. He needs to rest but he is doing better.”

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