Nantes owner Waldemar Kita proposes mass-isolation of Ligue 1 players to begin training again on 15th April

Speaking in an interview with News Tank Foot, Ligue 1 club Nantes’ owner Waldemar Kita admitted that he has proposed a radical idea to try to get football back amid COVID-19 disruption.

“I made a proposal to the LFP’s working group: to start training again on 15th April, until at least 15th May, and after that see where we are. I propose that the players are enclosed in a campus, as if it was a pre-season camp, with a medical team on standby. Everyone has to be tested: the 1st team players, the coaching staff and the medical team. And there is nobody else there! Why am I talking about the 15th April? Because that date corresponds with the statistics seen in other countries: China, South Korea, Japan… And I am letting you know that the German clubs are getting back to training.”

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