Neymar: “I didn’t come to PSG to play in the Europa League.”

Speaking to Eleven Sports PT, via Foot Mercato, Neymar revelled in PSG’s 3-1 victory over Manchester United that puts his club in control of Group H.

“No, I did not complain about a lack of something on the part of my teammates. People misunderstood what I wanted to say. We have always had a good spirit among us. But on the pitch we were missing something, we needed to simplify things, run for one another, adjust details, tactically, mentally. We have always had camaraderie, everyone really likes each other, there is a good atmosphere. It is more on the pitch, help our teammates more, help with marking. That is more what I wanted to say. Today we showed that we can play at a higher level, by running and fighting together. And of course we are not lacking in quality.”

“That is why I said that we needed to change attitude or else we could forget about our Champions’ League dream. But we have changed. And today our dream has more life in it. Of course, I have never been eliminated in the Champions’ League (group stage) or played in the Europa League. That never crossed my mind and it never well. When these difficult moments come, I am able to evolve and take my responsibilities. I did not come here to play in the Europa League.”

“I have always felt like a leader, since I was 17, I have never needed to have to armband to feel that way. Today, I am a figure at PSG. Everything that I can do on the pitch has an impact on my teammates and what I want, is to help them, to give the best of myself. I am a very annoying guy on the pitch, I follow up a lot with my teammates, but I am also ready to accept criticism, about myself too. I am not untouchable. Everyone is fighting for the same thing. I am very happy to be able to help my teammates.”

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