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Neymar Sr angry about son’s injury: “How much longer?”

Taking to Instagram last night following PSG’s 1-0 defeat at home against Lyon, in a match in which Neymar suffered an ankle injury that resulted in him being stretchered off, the player’s father demonstrated his fury.

“F***… how much longer? We have spoken about this so much, we have so underlined the excess of violence. Why not stop it at the start, with the first foul, why wait until the 7th, 8th, 9th? We are not taking the necessary measures throughout the entire match, during which Neymar was the victim of a dozen fouls, always violent ones. This encourages these type of players and attitudes. Continue like this and football will really lose a lot… FOR HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THE VICTIM BE THE ONE AT FAULT? It is up to the person who controls the match, the person who has the opportunity to protect… ahh… What can we do? I hope that God looks after you.”

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