No Ligue 1 until 15th April earliest

Speaking to reporters this afternoon following UEFA’s announcement that EURO 2020 has been postponed for 12 months, LFP CEO Didier Quillot and President Nathalie Boy de la Tour faced the media.

“We are looking for the best possible solutions, or at least the least bad ones… We have to be exemplary. We want to thank UEFA for postponing the Euros. This decision will allow us to have more wiggle room to finish our domestic and European competitions for 2019/20… Our priority of priorities is to finish the Ligue 1 Conforama and Dominos Ligue 2. This priority is vital for all French clubs… It is absolutely certain that the league will not be back anytime before 15th April,” la Tour posited.

“The aim is to finish by 30th June,” Quillot added.

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