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Olivier Giroud on Chelsea’s summer transfer window blitz: “If Timo Werner & I had the same profile, I’d be worried.”

Speaking to reporters at Clairefontaine, Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud was invited to comment on the major summer transfer window that the London club are having.

“Everyone knows that I was close to a departure last winter. I jumped straight back in after the window and seized my chance. It was a big victory for me and a significant challenge. I had to make sure not to miss the new opportunity that the coach had given me. I am happy to have turned things around and I am confident that the year to come will be wonderful and full at Chelsea. In each big club, there is competition. That has always motivated me to fight for my place. I am not naive. The club bought Timo Werner to play him, but one thing is sure, we do not have the same profile. He also likes to be out wide. He did that with his club last year and also with this national team. If he was an attacker with the same profile as mine, I would have been more worried. Depending on the teams we face, the coach will sometimes opt for different tactics. I really hope to have playing time to continue in the vein that I ended last season. At nearly 34, I will give everything.”

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