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Patrick Vieira “disturbed” by decision not to punish racism in Gonzalez – Neymar affair

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, OGC Nice manager Patrick Vieira had the following to say on the decision made by the LFP Disciplinary Committee on Wednesday evening not to sanction Alvaro Gonzalez following his alleged use of racist term “son of a b**** monkey” towards Neymar.

“What disturbs me in this saga, if we are talking about racism, these are words that we cannot accept, that there are not sanctions, it disturbs me a bit. I think that on both sides there should have been sanctions. We speak about racism, these are unacceptable things. But at the same time, when I see the language used by the FFF president, I am not surprised by the absence of sanctions. Like this, nobody is bothered and everyone is satisfied, and life continues. On both sides, words were said or they weren’t, words were invented, we need to figure out the truth whatever happens, to have sanctions.”



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