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Paul Pogba on Real Madrid: “It is a dream for me, why not one day.”

Speaking in a press conference on Thursday, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba discussed his future.

“I am at Manchester. We know that this has been spoken about a lot and I have not (spoken about it). I heard a lot of noise that I was going to leave and I was going to leave to clubs left and right. Today, I am still at Manchester United and I am fighting to try to take the club even higher.”

“I prefer to concentrate on football and on returning to fitness. Nobody has said anything to me. I have not spoken with Ed Woodward. I have not been spoken to about an extension. For the moment, I am at Manchester United and I am thinking above all to hit my top form. I think that there will be a moment where the club comes to speak to me and maybe offers me something, or not. For the moment, nothing has happened. I cannot tell you something that I know nothing about. I am really thinking about me, to come back well and to produce great performances for my club.”

On Zinedine Zidane:

We have all heard these things that have been said. What to respond? Yes, all footballers would like to play for Real Madrid. Maybe it is a dream. It is a dream for me, why not one day. As I have said, I am at Manchester United and I like my club. I am performing at Manchester United, I am enjoying myself and I want to do everything I can to get the club back to where it deserves to be. I am going to give my maximum, like my teammates.

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