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Paul Pogba: “This was a solid match, on our part and theirs.”

Speaking to reporters following Sunday night’s 0-0 draw with Portugal in the UEFA Nations League, French international central midfielder Paul Pogba had the following to say on the encounter.

“It was a solid match, on our part and theirs. It was also a difficult match. We knew that it was going to be difficult, with good players up against us. And a new formation that we were in the process of discovering. They knew that we were strong on the counter and played in a secure fashion… I think we needed to shoot more, notably from outside of the box. We needed to do that a bit more.”

“The result against Portugal is not negative. We continue and we know that we can do better. And the coming matches will allow us to get used to this tactical shape. We are going to find that moment where it clicks. Things will be better. We will analyse it well. Croatia, it will be an important match and we must win.”



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