Paulo Sousa makes departure u-turn, Sporting Director Eduardo Macia sacked

As reported by L’ÉquipeRMC and 20 Minutes, Portuguese coach Paulo Sousa has decided to make a u-turn and now intends to remain as manager of Ligue 1 club Bordeaux, just weeks after having attempted to resign whilst insisting on considerable severance pay.

The 49-year-old’s relationship with President Frédéric Longuépée remains in a difficult state, but after it became clear that FCGB did not intend to remunerate him for the remainder of his contract, as would be their right were he to formally resign, he decided to stay.

Despite this, a source close to Sousa claimed: “It is not a question of money. There are conditions on his exit that are not acceptable.”

In parallel during Sousa period of indecision, King Street were in talks to bring in Jean-Louis Gasset, who was motivated to step in, should Sousa’s departure have been confirmed.

Sousa still has two years remaining on his current contract, and has apparently decided to stay, although the players themselves as of last night had yet to be informed, learning about this news first on the internet…

In the meantime, this afternoon, the decision to sack Director of Football Eduardo Macia was confirmed internally. Sources indicate that this move had been in the works for sometime, with the quality of the former Leicester City operator’s output being viewed as abysmal by fans and board alike.

In the interim, the club’s previous Sporting Director, Ulrich Ramé, will return.

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