Pierre Emerick Aubameyang: “Arsenal have the keys to me extending. It will be my most important career decision.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Téléfoot, Arsenal attacker and Gabon international Pierre Emerick Aubameyang discussed his future.

On the return of the Premier League:

We have been waiting for this, I think everyone has. We all have to be careful, I think everyone has this slight fear, but personally I am very happy to be getting going again. We are returning a day before my birthday, so it will certainly be a nice return.

On his best moments at St Étienne:

The first was my first hat-trick, it was against Lorient at home, when you have everyone in the stands running towards you, it is magnificent. The second, was when I came back, I was a player for Dortmund, but I came back for a charity match, and the welcome that I had was incredible. But certainly THE moment was when we won the Coupe de la Ligue, it felt like a real reward and we were all very happy with the work we had done.

On St Étienne being in the Coupe de France final:

Of course we are going to support them, I am going to wear the shirt on the day of the final. I hope that they will win this cup, because the supporters deserve it, they are always there, whatever the circumstances. They have no choice, they must win this.

On Christophe Galtier:

I remember at the time that I was transferred to St Étienne, the transfer was a bit complicated. He wanted for me to come and everything, in the end he gave me the opportunity to be a starter and to take my place. We worked hard, but it was at that moment where things clicked.

On scoring a hat-trick on his Dortmund debut:

You had to leave a strong first impression, I was very happy to sign for Borussia. I still remember when I spoke with Klopp on the phone, I was like a crazy person, but I didn’t expect to start that game, in the end he put me in, and in any case I was ready.

On the differences between German and French football:

The energy levels required are crazy at Dortmund, they play an offensive style, lots of pressing, and then the teams play to win. It can happen in France, I think sometimes it is a shame, sometimes teams will go and say: “If we get a point, that’s good. Let’s just defend.” That is the one reproach I have about the French game. I remember a game for Dortmund against Gladbach, we were winning 4-0, and the other guys were still going crazily for it. It was a fantastic league and I am happy to have spent so much time there.

On having not been managed by Arsène Wenger extensively:

It was very short and it was a shame that I did not get the chance to get to know him more. It was thanks to him that I came here, the time I had with him will remain a real souvenir. Aside from that, it’s football. Constantly moving and turning. It was certainly an emotional moment, I think everyone felt that, seeing him leave after so many years.

On his relationship with Alexandre Lacazette:

It is funny, we didn’t really know each other, of course we knew each other owing to the rivalries between Lyon and St Étienne, but we didn’t come across each other elsewhere. So the day I arrived, he was like “oooo Aubame” and all this, we were laughing together immediately, it is always great to come across French players, he’s very cool and frank as well, which is what makes it a pleasure to be working with him on a daily basis. At training or in daily life, he is a good guy, the chemistry is there, and on the pitch it happens automatically.

On his future at Arsenal:

Recently I have not received an offer to extend. But of course we have had exchanges with the club, for a fair few months now. And they know very well why so far nothing has happened. They have the keys. Up to them to do their work and after that we will see how things go. As you said it is a turning point in my career, and I will be very frank with everyone, it will certainly be a very difficult decision to make. Because I still have not decided and we will see. It will maybe be the most important decision of my career.

On his objectives, winning titles:

Of course – all players and competitors want to win titles. Everyone is going to ask the question, does he want to win them at Arsenal or somewhere else. But as I said, the future will tell us. As I have said already, the club has the keys to this. I am hungry to win titles, and whatever my decision, I intend to fight to win titles… To be clear, nothing has been decided.

On his short-term ambitions:

I want to get back to action well, it won’t be easy, especially with Manchester City in the opening match. And hopefully we have a good end of the season, without supporters unfortunately, but a good end of the season nevertheless.

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