PSG have disinfected the Parc des Princes as they prepare to welcome fans vs Dortmund

L’Équipe report that Ligue 1 leaders PSG have taken a host of measures to ensure that supporters are able to attend Wednesday’s Champions’ League Round of 16 2nd leg encounter with Borussia Dortmund, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

One of those measures was a mass disinfection of the entire stadium, conducted by a company called ISS, which specialises in mass-cleaning of public areas. This clean was thorough and included the stairs, ramps, escalators and handles. This is one of a number of measures which PSG hope will convince the local authorities to allow the match to occur has normal with fans. 

Another possible measure is currently being discussed internally: opening the Parc des Princes gates earlier than usual on Wednesday night to prevent large clusters of supporters forming, notably as kick-off approaches.

As of this Sunday, the club had not received any instructions from the government about proceeding differently, however there is a government defence meeting this evening that will likely deal with the matter of how and whether or not this fixture occurs, either behind closed doors, or delayed by a week.

Following advice from the government, it is possible that PSG will inform supporters from the Oise region, which has experienced a cluster of COVID-19 cases, that they are not welcome to the Parc on Wednesday and reimburse them for their tickets.

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