PSG President Al Khelaifi: “Since 23rd August 2020, the way they look at us has changed.”

Speaking to PSG’s official magazine, club president Nasser Al Khelaifi explained what he believes is a turning point for the club.

“There will be a before and after: since 23rd August 2020, they way people look at our club has changed. We are now definitively viewed as a powerhouse of international football, a legitimate institution and a performer in world sport. Like our immense community of fans hoped, we honoured the shirt, in line with the great history and fighting spirit of PSG. Our European adventure will be remembered for our incredible capacity for resilience. Several times, we have fallen in recent years. Each time, we got back up and, in a search for what we were still missing in order to grow, we have finished by finding our way. A way that has taken PSG to new heights.”

“A new European horizon has been carved out thanks to the supernormal talent of our players and our staff that was able to get the very best from this group… What joy as well to have seen the millions of smiles on the faces of our supporters! What joy to have felt hearts come together, rallying around PSG! What a pleasure to see this joy play out in the streets of Paris, France and other cities around the world! Match after match, seeing these images of jubilation from Lisbon will have given our squad immeasurable strength… We look forward, as always. We maintain our high standards. At the age of 50 (the club’s age), we are more confident than ever before that we are on the right track.”



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