Rafael Leão on Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “He is a reminder never to give up on your dreams.”

Speaking to L’Équipe, 20-year-old Portuguese striker Rafael Leão discussed the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at AC Milan.

“We had already produced a fair amount of good matches, but when he arrived it pushed everyone to give more. Because he is an important player. Even when he does not play, he gives his motivation to the team. Now, we are on a good run, 5 wins and a draw, we need to continue. [I first met him] at training. He came to see me: “I am going to help you, with me you are going to win, ask me what you want.” He is a big brother for me. Sometimes, he gets annoyed, but if someone wants to help you, they will not always say things with a smile. I listen to all the advice that he gives me, notably in training, he has had a great career, I am not going to show him a lack of respect. He has a perfect physique, he scores and sprints still. I play in front of him, he deals with the three defenders and frees up a lot of space, we work a lot me and him, I provided him with an assist in the Italian Cup quarter-final. For me, to play with him, it is a reminder to never give up on your dreams.”

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