Raheem Sterling: “I would hear potentially racist comments in the dressing room.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe Magazine, Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling was asked if he thought that racism was more deeply rooted in footballing culture of English societal culture. He responded that he felt it was the former.

“Because in the football world, a lot of people think that racist remarks can be a form of banter. If a group of supporters makes reference to the colour of a player’s skin, one of them might say that it is misplaced, but all the others will respond to him by saying: “Relax, it’s just a joke.” For a long time, this sort of reasoning has been accepted in this world. When I was younger, I would hear pretty shocking comments, potentially racist ones, in the dressing room, and I said to myself: “Wait, is this guy for real?” This sort of humour has been the norm for a long time.”

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