Raiola on Paul Pogba’s future: “I’m not going to start, otherwise FIFA will suspend me again.”

Speaking to RMC Sport, Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola discussed the French international central midfielder’s fitness and future at Manchester United.

“His aim, is to be “fit” as quickly as possible, he should be 100% in 1 month’s time. That means that he could still bring things to Manchester United towards the end of this season, that could be very critical, and for Les Bleus. That is his objective.”

On Manchester United:

He is happy. Aside from that we will see where he is happy. We will see… Now is not the time to talk about it. The window has not begun yet. I am not going to start (with this), otherwise FIFA are going to suspend me again. We are not going to make Mr Infantino happy.

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