Rolland Courbis offers his support to 3rd division side SC Toulon, who are to be bought by Mourad Boudjellal

French football stalwart Rolland Courbis has offered his support to Mourad Boudjellal in an interview with Nice-Matin, the former majority owner of Toulon’s rugby club and imminently the new owner of French 3rd division strugglers in football, SC Toulon.

Courbis has fond memories with the club, having finished his playing career there between 1982 and 1985, and beginning his managerial career there between 1986 and 1990.

“Toulon is not just something different for me. It is my most powerful memory. Firstly because of the length of time, I spent nine years there, but also because I finished my playing career at Toulon and it is also where I began as a manager, despite that neither being planned or intended.”

“(Boudjellal) knows that he can count on me. If I can give him some pointers, I would be delighted to do so.”

When asked if he would manage the club again, he rejected the idea:

“I am no longer the right age nor do I have enough patience. I have the energy yes, but no the patience… However I could help a young manager like I have done elsewhere. If I was to take up a position, it would be a modest advisory role for Mourad.”

On Toulon’s prospects of making it to Ligue 1:

It would not be the first time that a club climbed three divisions. And depending on the team you put together, it would be especially hard for the others. Even in these divisions (semi-pro), you need the means, the attitude and the habits of a professional team.

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