Romelu Lukaku on Mamadou Sakho: “If you were on my team, I’d know we could go to war.”

Speaking on an Instagram Live, Belgian attacker Romelu Lukaku discussed with Mamadou Sakho the pair’s clash during the Merseyside Derby in 2015.

“If you were on my team, you’d be one of the players, that I know I could go to war with. And here is the reason why.”

Lukaku then proceeds to show footage from a Merseyside Derby in 2015 during which the pair had an altercation.

Sakho responds:

“Ah, the clash! That was the big bang. I remember this.”


“You know after the game, I brought my whole neighbourhood, bro I brought the whole hood. Everybody was ready. Everyone wanted to fight you. I was like: “woah what the **** are you doing. Even my little brother was there waiting for you.” Even Jordan was waiting for you bro. He was like 19 or 20. I was like: “Yo, it’s just a game, it’s over bro.” He’s a cool guy. All my boys were there.”


“You know I think this kind of reaction (from you), shows the kind of man that you are.”

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