Sinama Pongolle: Gerrard & Diouf fought each other at half-time in the dressing room in a pre-season match

Speaking on an Instagram Live with Walid Acherchour, ex-Liverpool attacker Florent Sinama Pongolle revealed a notable incident from his time with the Reds, involving Steven Gerrard & El Hadji Diouf.

“At half-time during a pre-season game, they fought each other in the dressing room. Imagine for the young players, who were just arriving, we were traumatised. They hated each other. Steven Gerrard would insult El-Hadji in English, but he could not respond because his English was not so good.”

Sinama Pongolle then goes on to explain that Diouf would ask Gérard Houllier to translate his insults to Gerrard from French into English. A surreal scene which has clearly stayed with Sinama Pongolle.

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