Six fans injured after fist fight before 4th division clash between Sedan & Bastia this afternoon

The AFP report that scuffles broke out before National 2 clash Sedan vs Bastia this afternoon between the Corsican side’s supporters and a set of Dutch individuals. Six people have been injured, one person seriously so.

These fist fights occurred in the centre of Sedan a few hours before the match was due to begin, currently scheduled for 18:00 local time, with the violence beginning at 13:30 in France.

Several dozen Bastia supporters fought with a group of Dutch people, according to the Ardennes authorities. First responders stated that one individual is in critical condition after the fight broke out.

Local authorities stated that the Dutch individuals: “had come for a fight. These are uncontrollable elements that are very difficult to detect. Their motivations certainly had nothing to do with the sport.”

The Bastia fans had arrived independently of their club and were paying for their day out entirely out of their own pocket.

The Public Security Director at Ardennes, Philippe Miziniak, added the following on the incident: “There was a fight… quite rapid. Around 100 Dutchmen attacked 50 Bastia fans.”

The local authorities confirmed minimal damage was sustained to public property, with some rubbish bins having been tipped over but no broken windows or anything of that sort.

Several witnesses have reported multiple messages appearing on social media that “invited” Utrecht supporters to Sedan.

A Bastia fan had the following to say to the AFP: “We were calmly in a bar, but they came onto us. It was horrendous. We don’t have any rivalry with Sedan, it is not like Nice or Marseille where we know it could be tense. It did not last very long.”

Around 9,000 spectators are expected at tonight’s game, including 1,000 Bastia fans.

In March 2007, during a Ligue 1 match between Sedan and PSG, incidents involving around 100 Utrecht fans occurred with PSG supporters. Thus, the Dutch club’s ultras have experience in causing fights at Sedan matches.

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