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Sochaux midfielder Ousseynou Thioune allegedly bit into goalkeeper Jérôme Prior’s cheek

The president of Ligue 2 club Valenciennes yesterday accused Sochaux midfielder Ousseynou Thioune of biting goalkeeper Jérôme Prior’s cheek in a particularly aggressive matchup on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking to the AFP after the match, VAFC President Eddy Zdziech had the following to say:

“It is truly regrettable. We cannot minimise this incident or deny it. Jérôme, with whom I have already spoken, really has a big bite mark on his cheek, it was bleeding.”

The incident occurred at the end of the match, during a tense moment between the two sides – BeIN Sports images show Thioune coming up to Prior, with the French goalkeeper then pushing him away abruptly. The images appear to confirm Zdziech’s account of events, who added:

“This behaviour is terrible. This sort of thing has to be eradicated, it has no place on a football pitch. I have faith in the officials and the disciplinary commission to take decisive action. We have a meeting at the end of tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) to decide what to do next following this sad series of events. We are going to defend our player.”

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