St Étienne co-president Bernard Caïazzo on Ligue 1 stoppage: “I’ve seen 10 different proposals on email. Everyone has their proposal.”

Speaking in an interview with France Info, St Étienne co-president Bernard Caïazzo reacted to the myriad of different proposals submitted by certain Ligue 1 presidents in a last-gasp bid to prevent the LFP from terminating the 2019/20 season.

“I must have seen 10 different projects arrive on email. Everyone had their own project. I think that at one point or another, there are circumstances, there is a federation, there is a league, there are people who vote in a democratic way. For me, aspects relating to the final standings, they come as secondary. It is even, in this situation, shameful to hear this… For me, this is a false problem. We are not looking at this matter as it should be seen. The matter is very simple. There is a major health crisis. We thought that at the end of April, we were going to restart. Then, it was late June, in July. Now we’re talking about August. We are not sure. September, we don’t know. The priority of priorities is the survival of our fellow citizens.”

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