Thiago Silva criticises French response to COVID-19: “The country is not succeeding in protecting itself.”

Speaking in an interview with SporTV, Brazilian international and PSG central defender Thiago Silva discussed his decision to flee France for his native country

“President Macron took inspiration from the situation in Italy to take quarantine measures. But, despite it being attentive to what is happening in a neighbouring country, France has not really succeeded in protecting itself. In Brazil, we maybe have time still. I hope that the crisis will not be as intense as in Europe. That is our hope.”

“Here (Rio de Janeiro), I am in quarantine, it is not an easy situation, but humans have a remarkable capacity to adapt… How will I remain fit? It is going to be difficult here as it was in Paris. In Paris, the training centres have closed, the club’s ones as well. In Brazil, they have just taken the same decisions. We are going to try to set up running routes, it will be more difficult for the strength and conditioning and stuff like that. We will also have to pay attention to diet too. We are not holiday. We are in a moment of reflection. We are all frightened by what is happening.”

“I hope that people are going to be aware as quickly as possible of the seriousness of the situation. I hope that the beaches will empty. This is not school holidays. You have to stay at home and hope that everything returns to normal as soon as possible.”

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