Thiago Silva on his PSG exit: “It was a situation that annoyed me.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, 36-year-old Brazilian central defender Thiago Silva reflected on the circumstances in which he left PSG this summer.

“This is a situation that annoyed me. The way in which it worked out really did not please me. Even though there was the quarantine, there were things that should have been done differently. I was in Brazil, in quarantine, when Leonardo called me to say that because of the pandemic and difficulties… No, first, I asked if I was ok to continue for two more months in order to be part of the eventual Final 8. And he said yes. But he responded that the club would not be offering longer than those two months. It would be two months and nothing more. That should have been done differently.”

On Leonardo’s attempt to make a u-turn and offer Silva a new deal after the Champions’ League final:

During my whole career at PSG, I gave the maximum, I never cheated. It was as if these three matches in the Final 8 had changed everything? And everything that I had achieved in the 8 years prior counted for nothing? It was not coherent. Leo did that in a clumsy and precipitated fashion. Not only with me actually. I am thinking also of Cavani who is the greatest goalscorer in PSG’s history. I am saying this so that the club progresses and doesn’t make these kind of errors in the future.

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