Thilo Kehrer on PSG progressing: “This is just the beginning for us.”

Speaking to RMC Sport following PSG’s 3-2 victory over Borussia Dortmund over the course of two legs, German defender Thilo Kehrer sought to keep a level head.

On the moment with the supporters after the match:

Yes, we always say that with our fans, it is something special and what they did today before the match, but also what they always do, is incredible. It is incredible! It makes us strong, it gives us even more spirit, more energy and truly, these are fantastic moments.

Is this more than just qualifying for the quarter-finals for PSG?

Yes, I think so. A bit all around us, the club, this is the most important match but it was not the case for us. For us, the most important thing, was us, our plan, our desire, our squad. This is not the end, even if we celebrated and everything. This is just the start for us.

On if this was PSG’s best match of the season:

I don’t know if it was the best, we are just enjoying ourselves for the moment, we are happy to have qualified for the quarter-finals. For us, things start now and that is all.

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