Thomas Meunier after PSG’s 4-2 win vs Lyon: “The coach’s last words at half-time were: “don’t concede.””

Speaking to Canal Plus following tonight’s 4-2 victory over Lyon, PSG right-back Thomas Meunier reflected on a seesaw encounter.

“We don’t like this sort of score (as a defender). As well, the coach’s last words at half-time were: “keep it at 0″ (goals conceded). In reality, we conceded goals that came a little out of nowhere, and that is somewhat of a shame. At one moment, we switched completely, we made mistakes, it was a bit complicated honestly, a bit like at Nantes with the same scenario, where the 1st time was just excellent and the second we needed to make a lot of effort. But good, after that, there was individual quality and we regained energy at one moment, around the 65th or 70th minute, which allowed us to remerge. Yes, it is a question of balance. At one point, we found ourselves on the back foot because they were dominating and that was a big problem. We gave an enormous amount and I think that we can improve in terms of how we manage our efforts.”

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