Thomas Meunier seeks to quieten Dortmund speculation: “My aim is still to stay at PSG.”

Speaking to Le Parisien, 28-year-old Belgian international right-back Thomas Meunier sought to quieten rumours linking him with a move to Borussia Dortmund this summer, with him currently due to be a free agent in June.

“A player who is free, an international, who plays in the team of the #1 FIFA ranked nation and who is 28-year-old, can’t be a poor acquisition, even if I get gangrene and my leg has to be cut off. Clubs don’t have much to lose in terms of investment and I think they know this. They can only win. Everything going on about me on social media about Dortmund, I don’t understand it: I have seen so many articles linking me to Tottenham or Inter… I don’t understand this craze. My chief aim is still to stay at PSG, but for the moment things are quite calm.”

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