Thomas Tuchel asked about Neymar’s birthday party tonight: “I won’t say if I am going to be there or not.”

PSG manager Thomas Tuchel was asked in last night’s post-match press conference after their 5-0 victory over Montpellier about the fact that Neymar is throwing a birthday party tonight (Sunday) and whether or not this is a distraction with their next match against Nantes happening in two days time.

“I do not want to say if I am going to be there or not, you will have to wait for tomorrow. But it is a different topic. It is Neymar’s night, it is a distraction, that is clear and I will always protect my players because they are mine and because I like them a lot but I prefer to speak internally about such things. If we have hard truths to tell each other or criticisms to give each other, I prefer to do that internally. But these are things, how Mbappé came off today (acted petulantly) or Neymar’s birthday, distractions and they make it seem like we are not serious, not professional. These things are not black or white, there is a lot of grey. But I also know that everyone is speaking and everyone likes to speak in black or white terms. For me, it is a shame because it makes us seem like we are neither 100% concentrating nor professional. I am not going to speak too much because these things become bigger when you speak a lot about them. So I do not want to talk too much about it.”

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