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Thomas Tuchel pessimistic about transfer business, feels PSG have taken a step back

Speaking in a press conference on Thursday, PSG manager Thomas Tuchel was pessimistic about the club’s transfer window and transparent with his feeling that the club has regressed in terms of their squad over the course of the summer.

“I do not know if we will sign another player. We have to wait… For the moment, we do not have the same quality (as before). If we stay like this, with this reduced squad, we cannot expect to have the same objectives, even though we could still reach them. In general, we lose too many players for nothing… We has Rabiot, this season 7 players, it could continue with Draxler, Bernat and Di Maria. It is worse, because we don’t have money to buy players afterwards.”

On winning the Champions’ League this season:

It will be harder. We cannot ask for the same thing. If you look at Liverpool, they’ve made signings… Manchester City have bought two defenders after losing in the quarter-finals… Atletico Madrid have taken (Luis) Suarez…




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